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How to Measure the Volume of Your Well

well volume calculator

When you drill a new well, or repair, sampling it is important to ensure the water is safe to drink. And one of the common challenges in sampling your well is determining the well volume. The good news is that your well volume isn’t hard to figure out, if you know a little math or have a well volume calculator ... Read More »

2 Crucial Checklists for Proper Water Sampling

drinking water sampling copy

At Hydro-Terra, we take ensuring the safety of your water seriously, and want to ensure you’ve got the tools to properly test your water. That’s why we’ve included two checklists on our site to ensure that you can safely test both drinking wells and environmental water samples. But if you’re new to water sampling, here’s an overview of the equipment on each, and why ... Read More »

How Sustainable Water Reuse Programs Can Boost Water Sustainability

Water sustainability is increasingly becoming a theme in press, with politicians, as well as in general conversation. Many individuals are attempting to reduce their water usage footprint by adopting sustainable water projects. One type of project in vogue is water reuse programs that can greatly reduce the amount of water needed from a water utility company and can improve sustainable ... Read More »

Five Reasons to Use Geothermal Energy at Your Facility

geothermal energy maryland | new york | pennsylvania | New jersey

Geothermal energy used to be a power option limited to homes and businesses in geologically active areas. But, as the industry has grown and new technology has been developed, geothermal energy is rapidly becoming a viable choice for everyone. Continue reading below to find out five reasons you should consider getting your power from the Earth. Would you like to ... Read More »

Hydro-Terra Teaches Soil Sampling Techniques at Manchester Elementary

Hydro Terra Group soil sampling workshop

On November 8, 2013, Mike Swam and Mark Matovich of Hydro-Terra Group (HTG) visited the 5th graders at Manchester Elementary School.  As part of the 5th grade science curriculum, HTG spoke with the students and demonstrated soil sampling techniques using their Cone Penetrometer Test (CPT) Truck. HTG spoke the students about careers in science, specifically geology, environmental science and engineering.  ... Read More »

Want to Help the Environment? Consider Wastewater Treatment

wastewater treatment

Businesses and private citizens alike are looking into how to lessen their impact on the planet. Greening your home and business can be more than just a charitable act, though; in the long term, it can save you money, reduce your dependence on outside utilities and resources, and even ensure a healthier, happier life. But how does wastewater treatment fit ... Read More »

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