Environmental Investigation, Monitoring, and Remediation

Hydro-Terra Group provides comprehensive environmental investigation, monitoring, and remediation services to commercial, residential, and government clients in the Mid-Atlantic Region.  Environmental Remediation PictureHTG brings over 20 years’ of experience to environmental investigation, monitoring, and remediation, and our remedial designs have been patented.  We combine innovative technology with proven engineering practices to find cost-effective solutions to protect our most valuable natural resource – our water.

Our personnel have extensive experience with environmental remedial investigation/feasibility study (RI/FS) projects, and can provide expert remediation design and oversight.  We perform environmental investigations to characterize conditions and assess risks, and have designed and implemented remedial measures addressing soil and groundwater contamination problems.  Our clients include dry cleaners, landfills, and on-site wastewater disposal system owners.

Sample HTG Projects

Black Rock Landfill – Black Rock, PA

Hydro-Terra Group has been performing regular monitoring work at a decommissioned landfill in Black Rock, Adams County, PA.  Monitoring wells are located on the landfill property and around its edge to identify groundwater contamination from landfill leachate.  Several homes and environmentally sensitive areas are located down-gradient of the landfill site and HTG conducts semi-annual monitoring for contaminants.


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