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Geothermal EnergyOne of the most significant advances in energy conservation in recent years has been the main-stream inclusion of Geothermal Energy in the heating and cooling industry.

HTG Geologists and Scientists have been able to successfully and economically harness the heat energy in the earth. Applications that have benefited from Geothermal technology are heating and cooling of commercial buildings and schools and heating water for swimming pools and industrial processes. The rising costs of fossil fuels have made Geothermal technology more attractive than ever.

What is Geothermal Energy?

58303168-500pxGeothermal energy is, quite literally, heat from the earth. Deep within the Earth thermal energy is created at the core through immense pressures and radioactive decay; temperatures are estimated to reach 5,000oC (approximately 9,000oF)! This heat energy is conducted outward from the core and surrounding mantle and eventually into the rock and water in the Earth’s crust. This is why, even on the coldest winter day, groundwater temperatures in the mid-Atlantic area remain around 13oC (55oF)!

HTG employs standing column well technology to capture the earth heat most efficiently using proprietary pumping and control systems – this saves 50 to 75% over typical geothermal drilling costs. Our systems circulate the water through high-efficiency heat exchangers to extract the heat energy and transfer it to air or water in pools or buildings. The heat exchangers can be reversed in cooling mode, transferring heat back into the ground to be stored and captured later. This energy source is completely renewable, green, and very clean.

Commercial Geothermal

77824255-500pxHTG specializes in slightly larger systems that require more robust heating and cooling service. In addition to providing primary or emergency cooling systems for large data processing centers, HTG also offers systems to heat water for pools for year-round swimming and for industry, and to condition air in buildings. HTG provides the design, permitting, and installation services sought by companies and agencies moving to this green technology.

Geothermal Efficiency

Given that this renewable and clean energy is right beneath our feet, it makes sense that Geothermal heating is far more efficient than fossil fuels. But don’t take our word for it, listen to our customers!

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