Mission Statement

Employee Ownership and Technological Innovation

Hydro-Terra Group (HTG) is an innovative, employee-owned, small business comprised of geologists, environmental engineers, and designers, based in Westminster, Carroll County, Maryland specializing in helping our customers manage our Earth’s natural resources – principally, sustaining clean water and soils.
We do this through a proven technical approach combining scientific, engineering and systems integration using the best available technologies for investigation, design, and construction projects involving water resource development and management, environmental assessment and remediation, on-site wastewater treatment and disposal, water reclamation/irrigation/recharge, and geothermal energy.Employee ownership is the cornerstone of HTG.
Employees, as owners, are motivated to excel for our company and our customers’ success. Ownership builds employee satisfaction, commitment, and retention, and is directly linked to customer satisfaction and a long-term career at HTG.Employee ownership attracts smart, talented people and inspires them to take initiative, act ethically, develop innovative solutions, and deliver outstanding value and productivity to our customers. Our personnel have long been the “go-to” people for our clients’ most difficult problems and have a reputation for succeeding on the tough jobs.HTG’s purpose and vision are defined through our core values:

  • A culture of ownership
  • Entrepreneurial freedom with responsibility
  • Ethics and integrity
  • Technical and professional excellence
  • Customer success

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