HTG formed in 2009 to serve commercial, state, and federal customers with innovative, technically-sound solutions that work. With a proven track record of success, our personnel bring an average of over 25 years’ of experience in the industry to every project.

Michael Haufler final Profile pictureMichael D. Haufler
Licensed Professional Geologist

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or call him directly at 443-974-4085

Mr. Haufler is the President and Director of Technical Services for the Hydro-Terra Group.  He has been solving environmental resource problems for the past 35 years, encompassing a wide range of challenges in assessment, construction, restoration, and management.  He has expertise in water resources exploration and management; stream assessment and restoration; highway and air transport environmental impacts; karst (sinkhole); geotechnical, dewatering and mine drainage; and hazardous and non-hazardous contamination, including petroleum hydrocarbons, solvents, PCBs, glycol, and salt.  He has developed testing and evaluation protocols unique in natural resources studies, and his remedial designs have been patented.  His presentations and testimony enable technical understanding toward reasonable solutions in environmental resources.


Jeff Lindaw final Profile pictureJeffrey J. Lindaw
Licensed Professional Geologist

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or call him directly at 717-476-9916.

Mr. Lindaw is the Director of Operations for Hydro-Terra Group and has over 25 years of experience as a project geologist, project manager, or principal investigator on site characterization studies, remedial investigation/feasibility study (RI/FS) projects, hydrogeologic studies, water/wastewater construction projects, and underground storage tank (UST) closure/modification projects.  He has extensive field operations and management experience in communicating with staff and subcontractors, including scheduling of field activities and coordination of subcontractors.  In addition to his diverse field experience, Mr. Lindaw is distinguished by his technical reporting documentation for submission of reports, permit applications, proposals, and other deliverables in an accurate and timely manner.


Mike Swam final Profile picture

Michael D. Swam, CD
Certified Draftsman
Certified Divemaster

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Mr. Swam is the Director of Infrastructure and Design for Hydro-Terra Group and as such is responsible for the design process, technical drawing production and configuration control, maps, and supporting graphics produced by the project team.  Mr. Swam developed the underwater dive operations for Hydro-Terra.  HTG capabilities include underwater video/photographic inspections, benthic and geologic sampling, discrete data sampling, sub-aqueous soil evaluation and asset recovery.

aaeaaqaaaaaaaak2aaaajde1nwqwn2y3ltjimgutndk4oc05zdq0ltawmzk3nzu0nji1ygMark J. Mazzochette, PE
Project Engineer

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Mr. Mazzochette serves as the Project Engineer for Hydro-Terra’s design, construction and O&M efforts.  His background includes municipal, industrial and on-site water and wastewater treatment system design; drinking water distribution infrastructure; wastewater collection systems design; treatment process design, specification and optimization; civil system construction, operation and maintenance; environmental sampling procedures and laboratory analysis; and engineering cost evaluation.  He has a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering and is a licensed Professional Engineer in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Brian M. Hamilla
Licensed Professional Geologist

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or call him directly at 717-991-4812.

Mr. Hamilla PG, serves as a Senior Program Manager / Project Manager with 28 years of expertise in the fields of environmental, geology, hydrogeology, engineering, remediation, renewable energy, liability transfer of properties, demolition and construction.  Mr. Hamilla provides technical consultation, client representation, and contractual administration for clients.  He is experienced offering cost-effective approaches to completing numerous types of projects including Phase I & II Investigations, Feasibility Studies, Fate & Transport Analyses, Waste to Energy Projects, Financial Feasibility Studies for Engineering Projects, Wetland Projects, Geophysical Investigations, Asbestos Removal, Explosion Cleanups, Demolition Projects, Environmental Cleanup and Restoration Projects, Asbestos Removal, as well as numerous permitting issues.

Rodney G. Myers, CHMM
Certified Hazardous Materials Manager

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or call him directly at 443-974-7978

Mr. Myers serves as a Senior Program Manager with over 28 years of expertise in the fields of environmental investigation, remediation, engineering, chemistry, and agronomy.  Mr. Myers specializes in hazardous and environmental characterization projects; remediation, solid/hazardous waste management; and permit compliance. He has safely addressed a wide range of hazards and contaminants including petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, heavy metals, cyanide, PCBs, and radionuclides.  He has successfully completed numerous risk-based site closures, and has managed projects involving RCRA and all phases of corrective action including facility investigations (RFI), CERLCA, TSCA and related Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Studies (RI/FS). His experience also includes Technical consultation, community relations, managing soil and groundwater remediation operations and maintenance.

Scott R. Linn
Senior Service Technician

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or call him directly at (443) 974-7664

Mr. Linn serves as a Senior Service Technician with over 30 years of experience in Remedial Construction and Operation & Maintenance on Groundwater Treatment Systems, Soil Vapor Systems, Total Fluid Recovery Systems, and Wastewater Systems. His experience also includes electrical trouble shooting and control wiring.

Ms. Emily M. Wade
Project Scientist

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or call her directly at (443) 974-3956

Ms. Wade serves as a project scientist with over 10 years of experience in environmental investigation, remediation, operation of groundwater treatment systems, and project management.  Her experience includes field operations, contractor management, client coordination, schedule tracking, and document preparation. Ms. Wade’s field operations experience includes sampling and characterization for soil, geologic logging, and aquifer characterization; groundwater sampling, well construction, and drill rig experience including geoprobe, air rotary, hollow stem auger, core rigs, and sonic. She specializes in remediation projects addressing chlorinated solvents and petroleum hydrocarbon contamination.

Ms. Becky L. Chambers
Administrative Assistant

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or call her directly at (410) 861-5376

Ms. Chambers provides administrative assistance for HTG’s North Central Maryland, office.  She is responsible for word processing, revising, formatting, reproducing, binding, and filing all documents, as well as the overall quality of correspondence, proposals, and reports.  Ms. Chambers often facilitates communication between field and office personnel on project-related work.

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