Underwater Services


In addition to offering land-based scientific services and as part of fulfilling our project needs under the “Hydro” portion of “Hydro-Terra Group”, HTG also has the capability of going beneath the surface of the water to meet our client’s project needs.

HTG has performed underwater video inspections of Dam Riser Structures and Underwater Distributer Pipes in support of reservoir inspection projects.  In addition to providing a video inspection, HTG has also tested the physical integrity of submerged pipes and collected samples.  As well as a written report, a DVD of the dive is included as part of the project.

HTG’s experienced dive team has over 20 years of combined diving experience as both recreational and dive professionals.  Two of our Dive Team members are active SCUBA Instructors and all of our divers must hold Divemaster Level certifications before they can dive on HTG Underwater Projects.

HTG offers a variety of Underwater SCUBA services including:

  • Diving Services | ScubaUnderwater Video/Photographic inspections
  • Field work supporting our Geologic and Soil Science projects
  • Underwater Sampling and Data Collection
  • Evaluation of sub-aqueous soils
  • Asset Recovery (less than 50lbs)

***It is important to note that HTG DOES NOT perform “Hard-Hat” or “Commercial Diving”.  Our services are limited to underwater activities that directly support our science based research and our customers projects.***  

Underwater Video Services

HTG employs an HD Video system underwater to record inspections of submerged infrastructure as well as to provide a third party record of underwater operations for our clients.

Past projects have included video inspections of Dam Riser Structures and distributer piping in a reservoir.

A typical underwater video project may entail:

  • reviewing existing design drawings and comparison to real  world observations
  • providing underwater equipment (including an underwater digital photo/video camera, field notebook and project specific equipment)
  • providing a complete SCUBA system for diver and safety diver (such as, primary and secondary regulators, air cylinders, buoyancy control, exposure protection, and safety/signaling devices),
  • performing a pre-dive survey of the area
  • the dive itself (of course! typically a minimum of a three person team when close to shore; primary diver, safety diver and a ready-man standing by)
  • and both a written report, as well as a copy of the video as a DVD or in electronic format

Underwater Sampling

Just as HTG has an excellent reputation for land-based science, sample and data collection, so too can many of these skills transfer to the underwater world.

The advantage to underwater sampling using SCUBA vs. surface vessels is that the diver can perform discrete adjustment to the sample location to avoid underwater obstructions or, very importantly, to avoid damaging sensitive aquatic environments or wildlife habitat.

Asset Recovery

Sometimes things don’t always go exactly as planned when working in an aquatic environment – mishaps can happen.  HTG divers are all certified in search and recovery procedures and can assist you with finding and retrieving items lost underwater.  Obviously, depth of the water, currents, time elapsed since loss, and other factors are important in devising a competent, safe dive plan, and not all assets may be recoverable, but our dive team makes recovery of your valuable asset possible.


HTG always takes safety very seriously…and especially so when conducting dive operations.  In addition to having a highly trained dive team (all dive team members are certified “Dive Master” or above by an international agency), our employees are trained and hold current certifications for First Aid, CPR/AED, and Oxygen Administration (dive team members).

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