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Hydro-Terra Group’s personnel bring decades of experience to wastewater systems construction projects, consulting with contractors, commercial and residential facilities, and government clients to develop cost-effective engineering solutions to wastewater challenges.  We specialize in on-site wastewater treatment and disposal but also have municipal and industrial treatment experience.

We will identify source reduction alternatives and pollution prevention opportunities to minimize the discharge of heavy metals, oil, and other contaminants into the wastewater system.  We install treatment systems that provide de-nitrification and aerobic digestion for deep trench wastewater disposal, customized for each site to meet stringent Chesapeake Bay and Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) requirements.  Our technologically-innovative methods will keep you compliant with all regulatory permitting for on-site wastewater systems.  One final specialty of ours is individual or multiple home sandmound design.  HTG can efficiently guide clients through the sandmound design process to solve challenging site issues.  See this link for the Maryland Department of the Environment Sandmound Design Manual.

Our Wastewater Services Include:

  • Feasibility studies, including soil and subsurface permeability testing
  • Nitrate loading and groundwater mounding testing and analyses
  • Wastewater treatment system design, build, and installation
  • Cost feasibility studies on pollution prevention alternatives
  • Evaluation of wastewater treatability
  • Development of small community water supply and wastewater disposal systems
  • Individual or multiple home sandmound design

Sample HTG Projects

Walnut Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant – Clarksville, MD100_3555

The largest on-site wastewater treatment and disposal system in Maryland is in Clarksville, Howard County.  Hydro-Terra Group designed and built, and now is assisting in a long-term startup of, this system which will serve up to 160 homes and has a maximum flow capacity of over 0.1 MGD.  The system receives raw wastewater from a force main fed by a grinder pump at each house.  The treatment plant features a many-chambered concrete structure through which flow experiences aerated and anoxic phases.  Solids settling and the denitrification of secondary effluent, followed by a final polishing phase, prepares treated wastewater for subsurface disposal.

The subsurface disposal system features over 7 miles of trenches and pressurized drip tubing.  Flow is recycled back to the pumping chamber to assist in maintaining clean tubing.  Thus far during startup, the system has been exceeding requirements set forth by the system’s Groundwater Discharge Permit.

KIMG0032Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment Plant – Howard County, MD

An industrial client of Hydro-Terra Group constructed a new food processing facility in Howard County in 2015-16.  Our client was required to pre-treat their processing floor wastewater before discharge to the public sewer due to historically high BOD and TSS levels.  Hydro-Terra Group was retained to design, construct and operate the 70,000 gpd pretreatment system during startup.

This system exhibits extended aeration of the industrial wastewater, plus solids separation and sludge recycling.  Automatic pH adjustment and remote monitoring of key process parameters gives operators efficient tools for a successful system.

Lakeview Mobile Home Park – Finksburg, MD

LVMHP-500px-2Hydro-Terra Group recently designed, built, and installed a wastewater treatment system at Lakeview Mobile Home Park in Finksburg, Carroll County, Maryland.

Hydro-Terra Group has extensive experience in wastewater treatment systems of all sizes, but we specialize in developing small community wastewater projects of this scope.
Lakeview Mobile Home Park was too large for individual septic systems, but did not warrant its own wastewater treatment plant, making it an especially well-suited project for our firm.

JEFFYS PICS 002-500pxWalnut Grove Development – Clarksville, MD

Walnut Grove is a single-family home residential community in the Little Patuxent River watershed, a Chesapeake Bay tributary in Howard County, Maryland, where nutrient loading from wastewater is a concern.

Although large-lot on-site wastewater systems were originally considered, alternative low-impact shared systems were developed use the site’s natural features in a more efficient way.  These low-impact systems preserved more open space, including some areas of historical value.  We were also able to preserve the view-scape from the access roads to Walnut Grove.

An innovative low-pressure sewer system (LPSS) collection system, sequential batch reactor (SBR) treatment system, and innovative drainfield distribution system were designed in compliance with Howard County and Maryland Department of Environment (MDE) requirements for public facilities.

Nutrient discharges were kept lower than prior agricultural use and well below drinking water standards.

We were able to find a low-impact solution to develop a professionally managed wastewater treatment and disposal system that significantly reduced nutrient impact to the watershed.

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